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viva la takoyaki monster.


my name is ED.

the girl. born on feb13. loves sushi, pocky & takoyaki. asian drama addict + as well as starbucks lover. reads books 24/7 NONSTOP. currently living in NYC. major procrastinator. sleeps with eyes open and often squeals alot.

i♥sleeping, photoshopping, eating food, acting weird, skipping in the rain, jumping in puddles, walking barefoot, making faces on the bus, blowing bubblies, popping balloons, making snowballs, snowtubing, stalking the dog, sleeping on the couch, drinking milk, and talking to an imaginary buddha.

the arts. currently addicted to photoshop. everything is mostly asian & anime. everything is made with photoshop 7.0.+ CS3 not taking requests. [yet]

the credits.
1. credit required. easiest way is to credit takoyakipoo in the comments of your userpics.
2. Comments are loved :)
3. Do not edit, claim, OR steal anything as your own.
4. Do not hotlink!
5. Feel free to friend! i don't bite. (no, reallyyy~)

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